By James Tyson Sr.

When John was in Elizabeth's womb, Cousin Mary came-
Mary with glad tidings announced her unborn Baby’s Name.

While yet unborn John leaped for Joy-
He knew God's Son was about to Employ.

The Inn Keeper knew not that God needed a room for His Son-
Mary and Joseph placed Jesus in a manger with comfort  Won.

Companions of sheep and cattle stood About-
While Angels announced His birth with a Shout.

This Child of prophesy was of interest Sublime-
Wise men saw his star and knew it was Time.

Simeon  was told he would see Jesus before he Died-
Simeon held baby Jesus in his arms and was Satisfied.

Abraham rejoiced to see His day and was Glad-
God provided his only Son to redeem the Bad.

By James T. Tyson Sr.